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New hood today! few hours work but looks heaps better.

Fork tailed catty is gone because of his size and getting scared and running into glass, plants, driftwood and filter intake. Also making way for my algae clean up crew of sailfin and goldspot plecos which are getting bigger.

Saratoga Leichardti and archer fish still growing up till their big enough to handle the JP.



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18 hours ago, Recidivist13 said:

JP’s are so cool, wish I never sold mine

Yer I'm devastated that I lost my jack and didn't get to grow him up, but I actually prefer the JP.

I think the more active swimmers make better pets than say a sleepy cod or golden perch or something.

The JP and Tandanus are both very active, love their pellets and should just about be able to spend most of their life in a 6x2x2.

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