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Thank you from Bundaberg

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Just wanted to thank everyone that came through with fish and tanks yesterday. Too many people to mention everyone but I will mention a few. Thank you Rod for the Rhoadesii they are beautiful, Jason the Brachybranchus Fry have settled in nicely. Steven, I'm loving the albino Polystigmas and can't wait for the first mouthfuls. Richard, your help last night loading up the last tank and stand on the trailer was awesome. I am pleased to say that all fish and tanks made it back to Bundaberg without any problems at all. We got back home at 2.30am and now the fun begins of unloading the trailer





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Nice to meet you and your partner Steve.  I was "impressed" with the stacking when you were at my place.   That was before the 3rd story :)

Glad to hear you made it back to Bundaberg all safe.

Keep in touch.


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