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Oliver Knott substrate range - Review/ road test

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Gday all! I'm giving the new Oliver Knott range of substrates a road test, Aqua Earth with a base layer of the Aqua Lat. Tank is an old Aqua One 50x30x30, with a 2cm (ish) layer of Aqua lat base and 1 full bag of Aqua Earth. Would do a standard 2 ft tank easily imo.

Light is an Up Aqua U series,  with Co2 via an inline reactor and I will dose LCA All in One ferts (after testing several big brand name ferts I absolutely love Jeff's product!) 

I won't be adding any root tabs as an experiment to see how it goes. I will add some stems, HC and MC in the next couple of days.

Day 1

Pros - Cheap at The Tech Den
         - Very clean,  no floaties like other brands
         - Photo was taken 1 hour after flooding with a little disturbance with the hose to test. 
         - No nasties leeched just yet (will test and document daily).
          - Aqua Lat looks very clean and like the irregular size. 
           - Colour,  nice and dark like Cal Black Earth
Cons  - Maybe the grain size of the Aqua Earth if I had to pick a con at all,  same as regular ADA Amazonia with no fine grain size offered.
So far I'm quite impressed with these two products. I will document the water parameters and update this thread every couple of days. Feel free to ask any questions and ill do my best to promptly reply. I hope to replace the substrate in my shrimp rack with this stuff in the future if all goes well. 






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