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Think my platy is pregnant..?

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hey guys, i bought 3 platies about 2 months ago, 1 male, 2 females..

and one of the females seems a fair bit bigger in the belly then the other female and growing..

any help on telling if she is pregnant or just a fatty (lol) would be appreciated..



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If she is in with the male she is pregnant check near the bum area for whats called a gravid spot that also shows it. It can be 21-40 days before she drops and her gravid spot will get darker and make sure you have a little tank for all the fry as you could get up to 250 fry. To save the fry you can use comercial fry savers or just well plant the tank.

Platy's dont like the traps and stress alot more then guppys.

To feed the fry ethire buy fry food. You can also use finly crushed flakes or hard boild egg yoke. They do better on BBS(Baby brine shrimp).

Hope this helps.

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