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2 good 2 bad 1 surprise

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first good-stripped nigripinnis female and got 10 babies :D

second good-found a mpanaga baby in nigripinnis tank :?

first bad-nigripinnis male commited suicide :cry:

second bad-nigripinnis female died from exhaustion after holding for 3


surprise-nigripinnis fry almost 1cm long with yolc sacs 8O

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I'd dare say that the stress of stripping her, was probably what killed her.

Girls will go 4 weeks without eating, with no probs, just loss of condition.

I've never had a female die from carring for too long, they will usually spit b4 they get that exhausted.

Yuo will notice that a lot of people on here advise that if your fairly new to breeding that maybe worth not stripping. Yuo can do a lot of damage to a female if you haven't had a lot of practise, and a small like a nigripinnis can be quite difficult. This is why most people start with larger (and less expensive) fish, is good practise, and large fish are easier to hold, stronger and easier to strip.


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