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building a 2metre tank

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im planning on building a 2 metre tank... (90cm wide x 60cm high)

Got a big question.. someone has warned me that i should use at least 12mm glass for the bottom, and that the bottom should be two halves joined together as one piece (instead of a single sheet) to account for even floor etc..

so should i use a single sheet of glass for the bottom or two halves. Im worried the two halves might lead to leaks??

thanks for your help guys!!

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I have never heard of using 2 pieces for the bottom. You would need a shiteload of silicon to stop the water pressure pushing the water thru.

IMO I would use 15 or even 20mm for the bottom, re-enforced with wide glass bars as bracing on the bottom and that should do it.

Make sure u use a very strong bench and a decent sheet of foam to even out all the weight.

If I was to build a tank that big, I would consider building it out of fibreglass for the back, bottom and 2 sides, then put in a piece of glass at the front. You would build a metal frame first so that you can build the fibreglass over.



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There is a shop near lismore that has just finished bouilding a large disply tank. here are his specs :244 x 122 x 80 all out of 15mm clear float all base 30mm glue line & 30mm bracing all around the top 2380 litres.

I also know of a professional tank builder who has made 1000s of tanks, he has been using 2 piece bases for years, with no probs. Main reason he did it was to keep cost down, he could effectively use off cuts to make the bases.


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