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Anyone interested in Darwin algae shrimp

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Hi all shrimp and planter tank fans,

After a fair bit of research I've come to the conclusion that the Darwin Algae shrimp (Caradina sp. NT nilotica) are probably the best balance of good Algae eaters and easy to keep shrimp available in Australia. They are similar to and often confused with the more easily available NQ algae shrimp (Caradina Longirostris) but have a better algae eating reputation and get a bigger.

Ive looked into 'Australian Amano shrimp (Caradina typus) but these are quite expensive, hard to get and hard to keep in your tank.

Glass shrimp and cherry shrimp are commonly kept and infact I have some in my tanks now. They will deal with minor soft algae outbreaks but not taking on a really battle


Firstly, please feel free to let me know if my interpretation of the Australian shrimp scene is off the mark.

Secondly, Im going to ship some DAS down from Darwin (from Aquagreen) and given that i'm not looking for many the shipping cost is likely to be more than the shrimp cost. Each shrimp is $2 each but overnight 3kg esky shipping costs $28.71. as i'm only looking for 10-12 and that box can easily ship 30-40 thus I thought i'd see is anyone else wants to share some of the costs delivery to get some of these crack algae munchers. Please let me know ASAP as I looking to order this week probably Tuesday

I live in Samford area northwest Brisbane.

Cheers, Jesse

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Hi Lisa, 

I've put it off for a short while as I've just bought a larger tank and id like to get it set up and cycled before ordering. I can let you know when I do if you want.


cheers, Jesse

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