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Advice- All fish - one tank

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I know i haven't been active on here much recently but i do need some advice

I need to cut back to one tank for a couple of months (currently 4)

I intend on putting all fish into my 6x2x2... currently holding 1 sev, 9 texas, 1 pleco, a convict and 3 BN's, total fish after 

5 severums (2 female, 3 male) 3 - 5 inch in size

12 Texas (no pairs) 2-7 inch 

2 plecos , 1 8 inch , the other about 12-14

1 convict female 

3 x BN's 

and about 12 mixed peacocks 

i know its a lot but will run my FX6 and Nautalis 2700 on th tank and i only have to sustain it over the next couple of months and then will reset up the other 3 tanks


My question is should i have a lot of decor to give plenty of hiding spots or the reverse, little decor so no territories to defend

I can add plenty of wood rock etc but i though with that many fish leaving no territories may be better 

I appreciate your thoughts


And I dont want to get rid of any fish , they all will have there own tanks again soon enough 

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