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Hey everyone,

I am relocating and regrettably have been forced to sell all of my fish and consequently have a heap of things up for sale.

First of all is my 5x2x2 tank, with painted stand and hood. The tank has a Universal background (“Olgas”), cut to fit from the original 6 foot piece. Additionally, the tank is drilled, to accommodate for a sump. I have had the tank empty for just over a month now, but when it was full, the sump could operate at around 4000L/h with the current size bulkheads. The tank itself has a few scratches and has a second layer of glass 12mm thick glued on top of the original bottom panel. The original had a break in it and it was for this reason the second layer was siliconed on top. However, since this issue, the tank has been successfully running for 2 years without any problems. It is a beautiful display quality setup with the hand painted stand, hood and glass sliding lids. I’m looking for $600 for the setup.

Also, I have:

1* Fluval 305 Cannister Filter (new media recommended) - $70

1*Aqua One Internal Filter (500 l/h) - $10

1*Aqua One Maxi Internal Filter (2000 l/h) - $30

1* Sponge filter - $4

1* 25W Aquarworld heater - $5

1* Jager 250W heater - $40

1* 300W Aquarworld heater - $20

1* 300W Scuba Heater - $10

1*Hailea Air Pump (ACO-5505) (5.5 l/min with dual output) - $30

1*5 foot dual globe T5 light. This light was made using a GLO transformer and the housing of another 5 foot system to hold two 4 ft T5 globes. - $60

1*Programmable Fish Feeder (used once) - $50

I also have some NLS Cichlid pellets, salts, rocks, sand and little things that those interested in the main accessories can have.

I have plenty of pictures of everything so feel free to email me at luke_spiteri@live.com.au if interested. Everything is clean, in fantastic condition and in great working order.

Thanks heaps,


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I also have 1 Hydor Seltz L45 External Pump. It has never been used and is about a year old. I'm chasing $80 for it since it originally cost $140. It is very quiet, very small and is ideal for aquarium sumps. It is the largest in the range and it was only not used as I had another, larger pump that was doing the job well enough.



And all offers will be considered on any of the things I've got listed above


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The rocks are great ! lol they have already begun grazing on it, some rocks had a really bright purple colour algae which looks pretty cool.

lol i put them in and have been watching them for a while... and i havent seen 2 of my Tropheus or 2 of my cuckoo catfish :econf: err

i hope i didnt crush them

but yeah thanks :)

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