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Glass Hole cutting

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Hi Guy's

I thought i would throw alittle how to up on glass cutting, there has been alot of talk about it leaning towards the "its hard" well its not :D


take alook at the video, this is just after i started the cut with the template. The hole is a 35mm in 6mm glass takes around 1-2 minutes depending on how comfortable you are :)

Just make sure you use water and go slow, make a template out of wood or whatever you can, this way you will get a clean cut rather than slipping all over the place. The drill bit is a diamond tip holesaw.

hope this helps :)

Ray 8O

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I normally hold the template in place with some plastic clamps, but this time i used my youngest daughter who was also the camera technician :roll:

so a couple of clamps holding it in place is fine all you need the template for is to get the intial cut going, once you have scored the glass, remove the template and continue with the cut.


See how helpful i can be sometimes!!!!!! 8O

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good stuff raycam01_au ! Where did you get the glass cutting drill bit from & how much do they cost (approximately)? All my tanks are drilled except for one 285ltr 4footer which I would like to get drilled sometime in the future.

Have you had any problems with the glass dust in the water? I imagine that it could scuff the glass a bit if you didn't remove it all properly.

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yer ok i thought clamps or a second person would be ok as long as the clamps are not to tight or haave something under them

and yes ray you can be very helpful if and when you want to be :lol:

some one like you prob knows a lot of stuff that could help newbies as well as others that know a lot already as i dont think anyone can say that they didnt learn something new each day and if they dont learn something everyday then they are just not trying :lol::lol::roll:

but yes i did enjoy the video short and sweet but to the piont :lol: was that soapy water or just water it looked soapy if so is that a better way to bill for more lubrication or just to hold the water on the tank longer

thanks mark

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Firstly the racking is Gal racking i bought off a company we deal with, excellent stuff.


I am a lovely person yes yes yes :oops: no not soapy water, just plain old water mixed with glass shreds :) I normally just add a dollop of water to the point of cut, then add alittle depending on thickness of glass, with the 6mm in the video i add the initial water then thats it.

(Also will have to work out a time for ya to get these Rostratus, they are getting nice and big)

when clamping the template yes i use plastic clamps and yes do not tighten hard, just enough to hold the guide :)8O:D:cry::P:x:lol::roll::lol::lol:

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Cheers for sharing that :D

I'm going to be adding a sump to my tank in a month or so and was keen to try drilling the glass myself but was also a bit wary of breaking it!

How much does a decent diamond tip holesaw cost? I've seen them on ebay for around $30 for 2 or 3 but this seems a bit cheap from what i've been told. Where else could i buy one from?



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