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Where did we all go?

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Hi Everyone! Long time so see (speak, type, whatever)

I've spent a long time time away from the hobby (or so it seems) I had a break from it all including the forum for a while after I had a fish room wipe out :( 

We all know the forum went quiet a long time ago but during my snooping over the last month or so it has really hit home just how quiet it has become, including ACE & PCS forums.

I Just got too busy with work and family & found a new exiting hobby that was time consuming but on my own time, not like keeping a fish room going. 

Now things have settled down a bit I have been thinking of starting a very small room in my backyard shed (away from eyes this time) and started visiting the forums again

and I'm am surprised at the lack of activity, although I see Ray & Sarah doing a nice job posing about all their new toys making me jealous ;)

So what I guess I'm wondering is where have all the serious keepers/breeders gone? are they still going & producing or just keeping colonies but not taking fry? Or perhaps just lurking like 

myself as the forum kinda doesn't seem worth wild posting onto?

We all miss what the forum used to be but I am wondering is everyone still around, lurking? or are a lot of them packed up and gone for good? It seems a lot of quality fish could be lost by this happening.

I will endeavour to contribute to the forum as I start from scratch again (well almost) 

Hi to everyone I used to know & don't (yet) :)

* Thought I would dump a heap of old pictures of fish I have kept in the past, these were some of my favourite fish. The Peacock Bass were by far the nicest, form the originals that came into the country. I miss them, but I don't at the same time ;) 










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Hi Craigo,

Good to see you back. I have only met you once... just before you closed the tanks. I am just around the corner from you.

Facebook is where a lot of people have gone.

I haven't been posting much on forum or FB either. Nowadays due to young additions to the family, I am just breeding little nano fish (i.e. corydoras, danio, just getting into killifish and rainbows), and shrimps (mostly crystals, taiwan bees and some cherries).

Keen to see what you are going to set up this time round. Good luck! :)


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Cheers guys.

@jc12 I was considering soft water to accomodate some fish in the 1 tank I do have currently running. BUT they will eventually be really large fish & I don't want to limit myself. 

I have thought about this a lot, I was wondering going Appisto's & L's just so I can keep tank sizes small & maximise on my space. 

BUT at the same time there are all these amazing Malwai Haps that I miss keeping & worry they will be lost going to into the future (I do realise Im not going to keep a species alive on my own, but its nice to dream) 

So to be honest, Im not sure which way the room will go. I will be honest in that I haven't ever kept a lot of soft water fish, apart from P.Bass but they are very robust & hardy. so its more of a concern that I am inexperienced with that side of things to be honest......... :roll:

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Hey Craigo,

I think the general cost of living and electricity prices have slowed a lot.  Add to this the ability to sell lesser quality with less accountability thanks to growing numbers of platforms and the traditional platforms like clubs and forums are suffering.  Add on this the changes to import laws and we have been smashed for a number of years,  but there are signs of change.  

I suspect there will be a swing back once quality is recognised and some of the old institutions change.  There seems to be a new breath of life in the QCG at the moment and once things settle for me personally I want to go to a meeting and check it out.  



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Yep. I remember the days when the forum was full on. Was good fun.  .....  However,  ......

Things constantly change , for better or worse ... ya just gotta deal with it . 

I think things  like facebook, ( IT ) , change of forum ownership, young guns coming though he ranks.

Cost of living. etc .  Blah Blah Blah.

I guess you're still here an i'm still here. That covers the important people.   :-)

An all the other long termers .


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O QLDAF, QLDAF! wherefore art thou QLDAF?
Here I be I reside in the interwebz, forever taunting thou!
Deny thy Feelings for me and refuse all the help being offered to thou.
For if thou wilt deny me, I shall be but only a dying memory for thou.

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