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Cheap wall insulation??

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Hello, In all my fish rooms I've had I have never insulated. Ever. I just dealt with the weather as it happened. 

Probably very energy inefficiently as well I would guess.

So I'm Going to be using half of my small garden shed this time as a 'room' as its just a simple Gal 'Stratco' type kit shed with this sheet walls I am considering insulating it. 

Cost is a major factor in this small build.

SO, I am looking for any suggestions for cheap enough insulation to go onto the inside of the shed walls to help me out. 

Any recommendations appreciated, I am looking at 'FoilBoard' brand panels from Bunnings but they are $40 a panel and I will need a few of them even for a small shed. 

Thickness is also a consideration as I don't want to detract from my already limited space. 

Thanks Guys & Gals!



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