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a few dead shrimp :(

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I have noticed a few of my adult shrimp have died since being moved into a new tank, they used to share with my guppies, but theyre eating their babies so i purchased a small 18L fish tank with a built in filter, The ammonia is low, it was pretty high in the old tank due to too many fish, PH is 7.2 and temperature is 30c, other tank was 30c too where they lived for 2 months. They have been in their new tank for 2 days and i can already see at least 10 shredded skins on the floor (theres around 15 shrimp) What could be causing this? 

I was told on my other thread about filters that the mechanical ones are bad for shrimp so I ordered a sponge filter online :D I also got a air pump to attach to it, so within a week they should have that set up :D but i dont think that is what has killed my shrimp :(  


Here is a picture of their tank. Theres some driftwood, a boat wrapped in moss, a big ball of seaweed that is a little dirty (from their old tank to help cycle the tank) some small plants from their old tank. The bottom is NZ sand $20 a bag for 5kg so good stuff (isnt coloured) I hovered my hand over the filter and it vibrates lightly, they get 7 hrs of light a day.


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Is this tank cycled? Shrimps are very sensitive to ammonia & nitrites

Has the sand be washed before putting into tank? 

30c is too high for shrimps, try 22C-24C

and lastly if your guppy tank is cycled, there shouldn’t be any ammonia even if overstocked if there is weekly min 20% water change 

My community tank is overstocked but water testing result still perfect 0/0/5-10 after 5 days no water change - I usually do 10% wc every 3 days & add fert once a week  

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