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Aussie community tank

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Any thoughts on keeping the following fish, as a community, in a standard 6*2*2, 600L:

Boesmani rainbows (maybe 8 or so)

Goyder river banded rainbows (maybe 6 or so)

PNG Red Rainbows (6)

Empire Gudgeons (12)

Purple spotted gudgeon (4-6)

Desert gobies (4)

Chuck in a few SAE perhaps, or some L number catfish.

I've not kept natives before, but I find I enjoy the tanks more if there is a coherent theme to it.  I know the purple spotted will make a meal of anything small, but apart from the desert gobies, the rest should be able to cope.

Am I missing anything?  Any other fish suggestions?


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Nice, I like it.

I have been really keen on the PSG, but the peacock gudgeon would be a good alternative.  Then I could do the pacific blue eyes and the hardyheads and also some threadfin rainbows...

For me, a community tank should have a mix of fish - ideally 8 species or more, and that looks really difficult with PSG.

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