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After many years of people wanting good looking red Texas!!   You are finally in luck... And the drought of a wait is over.  

The texas king is here. With nation wide shipping available!  

I will have some very nice red Texas for sale next year. Thought I should advertise them now to get interest in buyers.  

The red Texas are bred by me,  using a rare high quality master piece super red Texas female bred by korn kgb in Thailand, and a super green Texas male.  

I am doing a heavy cull and only selecting the ones that turn out to be red Texas,  so keep in mind per 1000 fry I'm lucky to get 2-6 stunner fish.  

Due to that,  and the rarity of the fish I will be charging anywhere from $150 - $500 per fish.  I have provided photos of the parents and if anyone is interested please contact me (text message only please)

on my mobile : 0468963259

I do not check qldaf very often.  

In 2020 I will have HQ SUPER RED TEXAS AVALIABLE @ 250- 800$ each.



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