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URGENT NEED GONE FREE 6ft fish tank with stand and hood ( 61cm x 61cm x 183cm)

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Hi all, I have a fish tank with hood and stand (black) to give away ASAP as I am relocating house interstate.

Location: Brisbane City

Tank comes with heaps plants including azolla, val, swords, crypts, driftwood and aquasoil.  Also contains rainbows, purple spotted gudgeons, agazzi's glass fish and glass shrimp. The tank would need a big makeover as it has been outside for a year used as a pond but contains over $1000 of plants (all would need a dip in potassium permanganate). Substrate is about 150l of aquasoil. If no takes urgently, I will have to dump it and really don't want to have to do this! Will need quite a few blokes to lift!! Pictures attached in current state (also photos from better times of what it can look like - also this side of the cupboard has now been covered in wood and painted black has cut outs for sump and cords)   Please contact me on 0423384426 if you want!







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thanks I have Melanotaenia fluviatilis  but I don't think many. If you want the rest of the fish and plants take them as I think I am going to hav to just take a hammer to the tank unfortunately.

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