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Granit Bay

FS Ferns, Moss, Stems, crypts

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Hygrophila pinnatifidia $5 per stem, $20 for 5, $30 for 10, or $50 for 20

Java fern needle leaf and crested - $5 per small plant

Pygmy chain sword - $2 per plant or $15 for 10

Hydrocotyle tripartita - $7 per bunch

Peacock Moss - $5 per small handful

US Fissiden Moss - $10 per 5x5cm portion

Monte carlo - $5 per 5x5cm portion

young crypt balansae (10-15cm) - $10 each

Stem plants $5 per bunch (10 stems) (rotala sp green, hygrophila sunset, hygrophila polysperma, ludwigia repens, rotala colorata, hemianthus micranthemoides) 

Plants grown in sand, with medium light and co2

express shipping available, or pickup in Samsonvale.



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