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To vacuum or not to vacuum?? That is the question...

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Hi everyone,

I'm just seeking some advice and be patient, I've just set up a new planted 160L aquarium with sand substrate (first time I've done a planted aquarium). 

I've read varying opinions online about maintenance when it comes to vacuuming planted set ups. Some people say vacuum as you would with gravel or a non planted aquarium while others say it's a waste of time. I seen one post which said why would you remove dirt from the bottom of your tank only to supplement it with added liquid dirt/fertiliser and only to vacuum if it's for asthetics and makes you feel better.

So I thought I'd ask opinions of everyone here? When it comes to sandy planted aquariums should you still vacuum or will weekly water changes and other maintenance do the job?


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is that sand? if it is you might need to do some reading into anaerobic bacteria

I'd recommend aqua soil, Ive always had better results using aqua soils. in a thriving planted tank gravel vacs are not possible, you'll expose the roots. pretty much the best you can do is siphon off the crud accumulating on the surface

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