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I’m back!

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Hey every1! After afew years out of the hobby I’m back. Moved back to nz 4 family reasons but have since moved back to Rockhampton. I setup a 4ft marine aquarium and was loving it but just couldn’t get the catfish out of my head haha. I’m a huge fan of the Blackwater setup. In nz I had a 6ft running with uaru and geo plus many pleco and whiptail cats. 

I have since sold the marine setup and started with the Blackwater again. So starting the great fish hunt all over again. 

The Fishroom build is coming along with all the plans in place. Have a 8x3x2 that will go at 1 end as a show setup and then 2 walls of 2/3/4ft tanks. I have found some common and royal whiptail so have that sorted and think I have some reds coming at some stage soon. What I’m after is so if the other types twigs crying whips giant whips that kinda thing so if any1 has a good contact let me know :) 

would love to see afew other Blackwater setups or whiptail breeding setups if any1 has some photos post away! 

So yea just a big hello to every1 again and hope to be doing afew trades with every1 in the months/years to come 

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19 hours ago, jason1989 said:

Lived in Nelson in the South Island 

It's nice down there I was born in invercargill but lived in Hamilton 

I use to travel all off nz in winter from the top to the bottom 

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