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Finally Setting up a Marine Tank

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Hey gang haven't been on here for the longest while. Have finally decided to set up a Marine tank almost 30 years since I last had one.


Happened by accident really, I was shoping around for a nano system, when I scored a brand new AQUAONE 150 litre  reef tank at an auction recently (insurance stock) complete except for the  lights for $150 !!!!!!! . I have a hell of a lot to relearn as the technology has really moved on from the days of my self drilled 4x18x15 reef tank, home made sump, T8 lights, no chiller set up, which I was able to keep with a range of coral, clams, inverts  and fish for about 2 ½  years on a uni student budget.


My plan is as follows.


1. purchase aragonite sand, test kit, and sump media . Collect seawater. Set up tank/Fill tank/Cycle tank . I have basic lighting for fish only marine tank and will use until I am ready to reef the tank.

2. Purchase live rock  and mature tank  for a few months.

3. Slowly introduce fish to tank.

4. At this stage I am hoping that I have relearned enough about marine tank husbandry.

5. Maintain tank until established. Purchase suitable lights and a chiller and start adding Corals etc.


Time frame from step 1 to set 5 ....8-12 months.


The nice thing as I have saved an absolute heap on getting such a sweet deal on my tank, I am already ahead and can afford to buy good quality equipment, that I don't already have. The tank came with an AQUAONE protein skimmer, doser, two pumps, cabinet, lids. So I am off to a good start, I think, those bits will do me for the moment. Hopefully the skills will come back to me on this new project. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.






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