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K1 Media in a marine tank

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Hi guys, just getting my marine tank set up. I was wondering. I have a ton of K1 media which I have never used. My question is, can I use it in my marine tank ? if I add a strainer to my intake, could I use it my weir ?


Thanks in advance,



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Ray - If it is a waste of time....  don’t bother.  People who do not want to help are not welcome.  


Generally biological filtration takes nitrites to nitrates and we water change to deal with that.  The Marine system is more sensitive to nitrate so we need to remove that.  We can get a lot of biological filtration from live rock alone depending on your set up, hence you may not need the high efficiency of K1 for filtration.  Nitrates are the bigger problem.

My view - won’t hurt.  

I have not heard any meaningful substitute for skimmers, so do not take space in your sump for this where a skimmer should go.  Also look up what a refrigium will do.  You can use macro algae to absorb nitrates.    

Hope that helps.  


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