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New Member_Planted Nano Tank

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Hi Everyone,

I'm new around here, I have kept fish in the past and have just got back into the hobby with a 40ltr (10 Gallon) Planted Nano tank.

My reason for joining was to ask for advice on a defect I have noticed on my small Blue Ram, it has a little gap where its snout joins its body (basically its forehead). I am wondering if it is something that may correct itself overtime or if it will be a permanent defect. 

I will make a post in the fish health section once I am allowed, for now I have included the images here in case someone has the answer before I get to post it in the health section.

Current setup

Tank - Waterbox Cube 10 

Heater - Cheap 100w

Light - 10w Arlec LED spotlight 5700k (running as an experiment)

Substrate - Oliver Knott Aqua Earth

Hardscape - Mopani

Plants - S Repens, Crypt (Mystery), Bacopa

Livestock - Blue Ramirezi Pair (hopefully), Corydora Julii

Future Additions - 6 Tetra (not sure which type yet)

Cheers Dan




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hi and welcome, by the looks of it the piece out of his head seems to be healed over ,so it will more than likely stay,,,i doubt its genetic so if your rams breed at any stage the chance of passing it on is slim to none.

the only thing about your setup is the heater may be too large ,100 w is usually for about 100 litres and when it turns on may give you temperature spikes which could be detrimental to your fishes health....just keep an eye on the temp and see what happens

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Hi Billfish,

Thank you for your reply, I'm thinking I might still swap the damaged fish this weekend as the Rams are my feature fish and I want them to look their best.

The heater seems fine so far but I will definitly keep a keen eye on it. The heater resides in the seperate filter compartment so I hope this will help buffer any temperature spikes in the main part of the tank. Thank you for pointing this out to me, the LFS was out of 75w heaters and told me the 100w would be ok.

I didn't have any decent photos of the tank so I took these tonight.

I am chasing ideas for which Tetras will look best in my tank if anyone has some suggestions.

Cheers Dan



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I agree Mick, cardinals are cool.  But if OP wants the blue rams to be the centrepiece, then I'd go with rummynose or - my other suggestion - harlequin rasboras.  They school very nicely, probably better than tetras in the absence of a predator.

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Thanks for the replies.

I ended up going cheap and went neons. 

Since adding the neons my girl ram died. I am thinking of taking a change in direction and maybe going for a pair of apistogrammas. 

Photo is of the tank when I first added the neons 4 months ago. The plants are a lot bigger now. I also have a major pond snail problem, hundreds of them.


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