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It's been a while......

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Has been some time since I was last on this forum. Good to see it is still powering along.

Well after a hiatus from breeding for several years thanks to living/working interstate, I am now back home more or less for good.

So I've just finished setting up a small breeding battery for my Alunocara Nyassae with two breeding colonies of 1M-3F. I've split out the extra males from my 4ft tank, to get them looking good to sell on. I'll dabble with the Nyassae for a while before changing up to a different cichlid.  During the swapping, cleaning and moving, I found that the three peppermint loricae that my eldest son gave me 2yrs ago, are all female. So I'll have to see if I can chase up a couple of 5-6cm males and get them breeding in the 4ft.


Will be perusing the forum over the coming weeks to see what new ideas, tips I can pick up and stalking the for sale threads.


Good to be back into the tropicals again.

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3 hours ago, wadedidit said:

The for sale is a bit stale at the moment. I’m after Amazon swords and they seem to be very hard to come by!

have thrown out some amazons growing in my fountain. was a waste of time even giving it away. mine grows outside of water with the small baby plants. ill let you know next time i clean up the fountain.

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