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Saltwater predator 10ft tank (Paradise Point)

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Bargain of the century....has all the stock seen in pictures, all the modern expensive equipment, beautiful strong cabinet, super silent.

Initially would like to sell as one piece at low ball price.

10ft long x 1.5ft wide x 2ft tall

3 sided cabinet (so back has easy access)

hood with 2 hinged lids

separate perspex lids on tank

NEW vinyl wrap (reverse) for back of tank (never applied)


6 mth Fish Cooler chiller

4 mth Fluval FX4 canister filter

4 mth Fluval FX6 canister filter

fluval accessory vacuum kit

double sump with protein skimmer

algae reactor with LED

48watt UV

10ft worth of DSunY LED Aquarium Light (mobile app driven)

gyro maxspec wave makers x 2

extra powerheads

600w heater

strong air pump

all plumbing and return eco pump (new)

original booklets for everything except chiller (still looking)

fully wired to weatherproof dual powerpoints (hood has 3, cabinet has 6)

gloss black paint (marine grade)


4-5 buckets of fraser island white sand

shipwreck, airplane and helicopter ornaments (all large)

live rock to fill the bottom, 2-3 eskies worth





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