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Hi all, 


Upgrading the fish room a little so need to make room. 


1 x 8x3x2 (LxWxH) with a 5ft  sump, k1 at the start. With 6ft light included. 


2 other tanks sponge driven under in front of the sump 1 x 3ft & 1 x 2.5ft both 5 months old they have full lids & sponges. 


Full lids, wood stand, all bulkheads, extra tanks, 6ft light & K1 & with all plumbing. 


No media apart from K1, no pump, heaters, fish etc.


Buyer to arrange removal , I moved it with sump in the stand or the side panel has to be removed to take out the sump. 

Will drain and have ready for pick up, inspections welcome. 




Pick up flagstone 4280








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