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Seamingly's 2 Foot Planted Tank

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Another short update.

Over the weekend i took a trip out to Smith's Aquarium on Sandgate Road and picked up the last of the fish I intend upon adding - cardinal tetras. Without doubt, my favourite fish of all time, so i've added 28 of them.

From here, i don't really have any intention of adding anymore fish or livestock to this tank.  I have ordered some plants from a member here, and hopefully they will arrive in the near future - some Hygrophila Pinnatifida and Hydrocotyle Tripartita.

The intention is to remove the pennywort (which appears to also be a part of the Hydrocotyle family) from the right hand side, and place the H. Tripartita down the right side.

The H. Pinnatifida is to be planted in the back right of the tank, around the crypt at the back - i'm not sure of the type, but it has ruffled / crinkled leaves.

Once they are in, i don't plan on doing anything else other than water changes and watching it grow.

I have toyed with the idea of a 3 channel auto-doser for the fertilizer, but, that is something that is not urgent and really not necessary, so i'll wait until it's all dialed in before i spend any more money on this project.

Overall though, i'm quite happy so far.

Some pics for visual interest.





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