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practical tankmates

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hey folks, i after some advise on my 3x2x2 tank that holds 5 black calvus (5-6cm), 3 clown loches (7-12cm) and 2 yoyo (6cm).

i am thinking of getting some kingsizei or other small african colony like them, and want to know if they will co-exist with my fish thagt are already in the tank?

any ideas??

cheers craig

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personally i would keep the calvus with some leptosoma or featherfins. That should be a pretty peaceful tank.

IMO the kingsizei will out compete the other fish for the food.

Loaches and Tangs can handle a higher protein diet than Malawi fish.

Loaches look good in planted aquairums, with certain catfish, tetras etc.

Putting Malawi's in with Tanganyikan's isn't always a good idea, but it's whatever works for you.

Good luck


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