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4ft Aquarium Filter- Eheim Pro 3 1200XLT vs Aqua One Nautilus 2700 UV ??

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Please help with recommendations about which filter to buy.  

I have a 4ft Aquarium quite heavily stocked with african cichlids and am looking to buy a new canister filter.  So far Im tossing up between the Eheim Professional 3 1200XLT and the Aqua One Nautilus 2700 UV. My price range is $350 or less, so if i buy the Eheim it will be second hand and if i buy the Aqua One it will be new with 3 years warranty.  Previously I had a biopro 2200L with UV which kept the water pretty stable but was noisy (i have sand substrate so maybe that contributed), we've just upgraded the tank and the new stand has no back on it (why i do not know) so the sound will be even more evident, so we are looking for a filter that will be as quiet as possible, which from reading reviews both of these seem to be fairly quiet.  When we used the UV in the old filter we had a lot less algae on the glass, so i feel like the UV steriliser would be beneficial, but i guess i could always get a separate UV steriliser if i went with the Eheim.

What to do?

Eheim: PROs: better build quality, quietest option? more energy efficient  CONS: have to buy 2nd hand, no warranty, no UV included, hard to prime?

Nautilus: PROs: Fairly quiet, UV and filter media included, Affordable, 3 yr warranty  CONS: Average quality, maybe louder than Eheim? hard to prime? Uses about 12W more power


Or is there a better option in my price range?


Thanks for your help  :)

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Hi KL19

I run a Nautilus 2700 on a 4x2x2, no issues , keeps the tank clean and stable, its in my hallway and to be honest i don't hear it at all so quite enough.

Easy to prime with the large "push button" on the top of the canister and hose diameter is quite large to allow the flow rate.

Only thing is that it is quite a large canister filter and doesn't fit in my cabinet and I have to have it beside the tank not underneath,

so maybe check out the measurements 

If you had the coin to spend I would suggest a Fluval FX5 (or 6) as they are my preferred canister filter, rock solid in my opinion.

You might jag a second hand Fuval so maybe consider that also 

Hope this helps 





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