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Hi all new to the page. I have been absent to the fish game for a number of years. I have started up again over the last 2 years and like most things I get myself into it’s all or nothing. 

I have just had to do a massive sell off and shit down because my wife and I agreed it was becoming to much. Totaling 7 tanks of breeding Americans and a 2500 l pond !!

still have a few pairs of our favourites that we just couldn’t justify getting rid of for the price that was offered. 

So now running the pond and 3 tanks settling in to a more steady routine of things

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Pics of my pond. It’s a 2500L. Hard to get a good photo of the fish until I pull them out. 


I have 2 x chocolate plecos 45 cm

2 x sailfin plecos 30 cm

dovii pair 20cm+

sub male dovii 15cm

2 jags 1x 20cm 1x 10cm

1x synspillum 25cm

plus 2 x white kreft river turtles


i have a Gold saum riv male and will be picking up a female this weekend to start breeding them as well





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