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G'day Everyone,

I'm placing an order of foam shortly, it's 4' x 8' and 1" thick for $22 a sheet. It's a minimum of 20 sheets per order (but can be more) 10 are already spoken for, so I need at least another 10.

This stuff is great for insulating fish rooms, sheds, those 1000L drums peter sells etc. I've also heard some crazy people put it under fish tanks :eureka: :lol:

Let me know if you're interested,

cheers, Jono


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No worries Nathan :)

Minimum of 8 more needed.

This is usually used to keep heat in, but I use it to keep my fish foom cool. Big windows let in alot of heat, and my place stays hot all night.

So I cut sheets of this and cover one side with that reflective stuff (silver one side and blue on the other?) and fit it to the windows with the silver side out.

If any one else is having this problem I have some of the silver stuff left over and will be happy to give you some with the foam.



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No worries Garry :egrin: Hope it does the job for you.

Had five pieces break apart on the way to your place, and then i got about three minutes from home and the other five broke apart. if anyone needs large "pieces" of foam, let me know :(

cheers, jono

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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