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FS: Trident, Needle Leaf and Windelov JF, Crypts, and Anubias Coffeefolia

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Christmas holidays means time to get some tank trimming done.

I will have a whole bunch of plants available fresh out of the tank (I'll trim while you collect!).  All amounts will be generous, it is Christmas after all.  Want to combine into a pack, sure I'll do you a good deal with some freebies thrown in for sure :-).

All of these plants are pretty easy to grow.  Grown in my tank with high light and C02 but will be fine without (just slower growing)

Trident JF - Large amount $30, medium for $20
Needle Leaf JF - Large amount - $20
Windelov JF - medium amount - $15
Cryptocoryne wendtii - several plants $15
Anubias Coffeefolia - rhizome with 6+ leaves $20 - variant of Anbubias barteri with rippled leaves and new leaves are coffee coloured.
Staurogyne repens - Large amount for $30, medium $20 

Pickup from Annerley in Brisbane's inner south - near the Taco Bell.

Anubias and Crypts.jpg

Java Fern and Crypts.jpg

Stauro and Java Fern.jpg

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