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just wondering how much ppl would pay for all this then will see if i wanna sell it

4x15 setup




cf-1500 cannister

assorted plastic plants

25w t5 light with purple bulb

used white substrate (i think its calcium carb)

Fish- all sizes are estimated guesses

Large Female devil 25cm

snook 8cm

black shark 10-12cm

geophagus brasiliensis 10cm

gold saum 10cm

1fm4cm 1m 6cm jds

flying fox 6cm

common pleco 20cm+

2 or 3 bn one definite male

random African feeder that never got eaten (lucky Bastard)

all fish in A1 quality except geo (the devil hates it) comes with about 125ml of prime and about 500g of flake

Looking for offers over $250

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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