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L397 juvies *SOLD*

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x12 3.5-3.9cm $25ea
x10 4-4.9cm $30ea
(Min buy of 2).

When looking to buy any catfish/plecos , it is best to buy above 3cm as anything below this size has a low survival rate. Some of you may be lucky but it’s not worth the risk and the money. At the 3cm plus mark they are more stronger in terms of adjusting to their new environment. Breeding plecos is my hobby, a lot of time and effort goes into them, and I am happy to offer any advice on their care upon request.

Fed a mix of algae wafers, zuchinni, meat pellets (1-2 times a week), and occasionally carrot, watermelon. (They also must have driftwood in their tank). Please bring a bucket for transport


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