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New Member - Tank Update

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Hello everyone,

I have always loved aquariums but have only recently entered into the fish keeping game approx 12 months ago. My first intention was setting up a planted tank with lots of nano fish and some corys.

I bought a second hand tank and set up which came with the 5 fish I still have today. Whilst i love these fish, it is time for me to take the plunge into a low tech planted tech setup and see what aquascape i can create. For this, i obviously will need to sell the fish i have which will help kick start the new setup.

If anyone is interested in any of the fish below, please let me know, i will also post in the trade section later on today.

Current Tankmates:

1x Sailfin Pleco (28cm)

1x Frontosa

1x Clown Loach

1x Hongi

1x Crimson Tide (pectoral fin damaged prior to taking ownership)


Sailfin Pleco1.jpg

Clown and others.png


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