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Khemo's Planted Tank Journal (pic heavy)

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Hi All

Well it's that time of the year again where I have some time to spare. So finally I have the opportunity to setup my long awaited planted tank and thought I would put a journal on this forum to share my experiences with everybody. I have been saving up and collecting bits and pieces over the past year and am finally ready to put something together. Hopefully everything will turn out well.....

Ok so the tank I am using is an old custom 38cm x 35cm x 35cm made by Dennison from Mary-Anne's Aquarium. The tank has seen better days and has a few scratches and cracks but still in decent condition. I will be using the ADA concept for my substrate i.e. ADA aquasoil amazonia, power sand special and the powders (as below).


ADA powders...apparently has some kind of mystical vodoo effect on the plants.


First layer is the powders. I tried to spread them on the bottom as evenly as possible (excuse the mess behind the tank) but ended up just chucking it everywhere.....


The next layer is ADA power sand special. Looks nothing like sand I know.......


I like to use a piece of fly screen on top of the power sand to prevent the next layer of aquasoil from mixing with the power sand.


Now the final layer of aquasoil to top it all off.


With all that done I can finally get to the fun part: putting together/designing the hardscape :). After some playing and moving about I came to the following two scapes that I found appealing. I decided to go with the 2nd one since I wanted more room for planting up top.



Before filling up the tank I like to spray down the surface of the soil so that the granules don't float when filling the tank with water resulting in less clouding.


Ok so it's about 8 pm and this is how the take looks as of right now. Will be getting some plants soon so I will update then.



Here are some toys that I have bought for this tank :) :

Glass inlet and outlet Cal Aqua flow pipes and CO2 drop checker.


Test placement on the tank.


Up Aqua CO2 atomizer for dispensing my CO2 into the tank


Any questions or critiques welcome


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Thanks for the comments everyone

Ken - I'll wait and see how your racks turn out first before and then well see lol

Jen - I'm gonna try keep it simple since in the past I've realised that it's better to have a few specially chosen plants than try to pack/collect as many different varieties as possible: I have a tendency of doing this :/

This tank is gonna be an Iwagumi type setup so I will keep a lot of low growing plants. I'm thinking HC in the foreground, UG in the mid and Japanese hair grass towards the back. At the far left corner I will be keeping Rotala Macrandra Mini Type 2. This is my first time trying a tank like this so am not sure how it'll turn out but do have an image in my head of what I expect it to look like in the end. So we'll see how we go....

Oh and yes very glad Uni is over for another year....oh the stress 0_o, starting to develop grey hairs :D

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OK time for an update. I have received all the plants I needed from various sources and some generous friends.

The plants:

On the right is Rotala macrandra mini type 2, middle is a stem of Ludwigia senegalensis and on the right is Hemianthus callitrichoides (HC).


Bowl with a mix of plants: left is Utricularia graminifolia (UG), middle is HC and right is Rotala macrandra green.


Here's what the tank looks like thus far after the planting session. The foreground is all HC; in the mid-ground I planted Japanese hair grass and UG; and at the back you can see the Rotala macrandra mini. In between the rocks I have wedged in some Crypt. parva and I had nowhere to put the Ludwigia senegalensis so just stuck it in the back for the meantime.



Bird's eye view.


Now it's just a waiting game and seeing the plants grow in and hopefully looking good :)

That's pretty much it for now and as always any questions/comments/criticism welcome.

Thanks for looking

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