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Cherax albidus blue pearl

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unfortunately this all in one tank had a decent gap across the back that i didnt think about. well 2 got out the other night, and one of those died, the only male. ok so he has been replaced now and have worked something out to stop it happening again.


here's the whole tank its a bit strange having fake plants but real ones would just get eaten. tried to give them as much cover as possible.


given their first lot of veggies, their loving it!


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Update, one females shell never hardened and accidently got crushed handling it still soft a week after molt.

I now have 1m (who has 1 half size claw growing back after an attack during molt) and two females, 1 molted in the first week and has a reasonably hard shell now.

I decided that coral sand would be a better option for their shells and 5.5kg coral sand arrived yesterday.

Due to attacks by each other during molts I've added as many hides as I possibly can, 4 clay caves/logs, 4 natural wood logs and 8 fake plants(the crays will eat live plants).

Looking pretty chokers so here's some pics.












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