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4'x15"x18" DIY Upgrade to Sump Filter

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Hey all,

This started off as an Aqua One 4x15x18 tank package from petbarn. Typical poorly fitting lids and MDF stand.. had 2x Oscars and an Ellioti. Oscars would splash water out through the lid gaps and the MDF stand swelled soo bad & the internal filter (i didnt use their stupid Hang On filter...) wasnt keeping up with the Oscars' mess.

Some of the older members might remember i used to build steel stands back in the day haha.

So i built a new stand and decided to sump this tanka aswell. I ordered new proper fitting lids and a 2'x1'x15" tank. I cut up the old lids into the sump baffles. Drilled the tank... it had been a few years and when screwing the drain pipe work together, i thought i could get 1 more turn... that gut wrenching sound of glass cracking... used some more left over glass and patched it.. need to remember to be careful with side load on glass haha. 

Decided to use the sump as a guppie tank. There is Tiger Endlers, a BN, yellow cherry shrimp and some rams horns. They can move between the 2 sections freely and keep it nice and clean.

Oscars as most would know are moody.. i came home from work one day to find the Tiger had beaten the Albino Flame near to death after growing up together for 18months.. it didnt survive.. shame as it was a very pretty fish. The Ellioti has also moved to the heavens.. But a Blue Eye that was supposed to be a meal is now the Tiger's friend... go figure..??   




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