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Low tech planted tank

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Well I certainly don't have the wet green thumb (or photographic skills) a few of our members have, and the idea of going C02 scares me a little with my propensity to screw things up. So I'll stick to relatively simple to care for plants and dosing with Flourish Excel and Sera root tabs. Any tips on fertalizers anyone wants to throw my way, would be more than appreciated.

Tank dimensions 36"x18"x18", filtration 1 Eheim Pro 2228, Jager 150w heater, lighting is a Hagen Life Glo twin T5 HO 39w setup.

Plants are; thin vallisneria along part of the left to centre rear of tank and front right hand side, contortionist vallisneria along part of the right right rear of tank, back half of right hand side and down the middle seperating the two pieces of driftwood, one Echinodorus osiris planted on the front right hand side, one Echinodorus cordifolius planted on the left hand side, some pygmy chain sword planted in amongst and around the mangrove root, and some floating coarse sprite.

Inhabitants to be one male and three female agassizii, marbled hatchetfish, otocinclus, peppermint bristlenose, and riffleshrimp. Fish start to go in, in about 2 weeks.








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Looking great Peter as I said last night. I'm also a bit scared of doing the cO2 planted setup, but you and I both know that you don't need a whole lot of light to have Valisneria coming out of your ears and other orifices ;)

Will look fantastic when its inhabitants go in.

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Thanx for the comments guys.

My one concern is that it's not planted enough for the female apistos to each have a defined territory that has proper line of sight breaks. I visualise one female staking out a small territory on the right hand side of the tank as the driftwood there has two nice holes in it, one can be seen in the last photo, and that area is heavily planted with thin val. The rear middle of the tank has a nice cave like structure under one of the mangrove roots as seen in the third photo, and I'm hoping the pygmy chainsword there throws runners and grows nice and thick. Which leaves the partially buried hollow log at the front for the third female. But I can see a peppermint bn excavating that log out for it's cave.

I really don't want to add any more plants, as I want to see how well the pygmy chainsword does. I might have to try and find some very small terra cotta pots that I can add to the tank.

Now all I need to do is find a LFS that will happily swap my peppermint bns for small juvenile peps, when they get to large for my liking.

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