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Question about canister filter outflows

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Hi all!

I’ve currently got a glass lily pipe in my aquarium, which is 90cm long, 35cm deep, 50cm high. I’m curious as to if that’s enough circulation to get water flowing around all the hardscape and plants.

Followup question: I’m considering switching to a stainless steel inflow/outflow if and when my glassware breaks, but they only seem to be available in the straight pipe/jet pipe configuration, rather than lily, poppy, spin, etc. I know that a straight pipe tends to produce a stronger current, which may be an issue, as I’m looking to get a giant (plakat) betta in the tank at some point. Would the current from a jet pipe be too strong for it, or would it not be too much of an issue in a 3 foot tank? Cheers in advance for any advice!

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