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L397 Pleco breeding pairs (SWAPS)

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I have 4 proven breeding pairs of L397’s that I would like to either swap for l201 or l134 fry/sub adults, (or may consider x2 l046 4cm fry) to the same value (must be no smaller then 4cm).

And or

I will sell each pair for $200 for those who are interested in single pairs. They range from 9-10.5cm

There are 4males and 4females. All have bred, and they receive a mixed diet of algae wafers, zucchini, bloodworms (only 1-2 times a week). This house is a corona virus free household. All fish will be caught and brought outside prior to arrival. A message 10mins before will be appreciated. Bring a bucket also for transport.

No Shipping. No holds. No deposits. (Cash only, bring correct change).







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