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Saratoga growth rate? and feedng?

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Ok I purchased a Saratoga leichardti on the 16/01/20 at 7cm. he is now 10cm 5 and a half months later. He's in an African tank till he's big enough to go in the 6x2x2 with a 35cm ell tailed cat and 26cm jungle perch. They get feed NLS twice at day with Wednesdays and Sunday nights substituted with frozen Mysis or brine shrimp. I can't tell if he's actually eating the pellets as I always see him swallow them and spit them back out, but I don't know if he is actually eating some or not. I've started feeding medium size large live crickets yesterday, once a day. There just small enough for him to swallow them. what are other peaople experiences with both food and growth?

Here he is, hoping he shoots up in growth the the extra goodies.



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