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new to this forum.  Just getting back into having an aquarium after a few years :)

my tank is now fully cycled, still have not added fish.  It’s a 130L and will be a planted community.  I do have some plants and driftwood in already.

I’m in need of understanding my kH  and gH :roll:  I have done the tests on both my tap and tank waters, but I don’t understand how to get the reading from the drops I’ve added to the vials.  I of course did stop adding drops once the water in the vials changed colour.  

Tap water kH drops were 4 and gH drops were 5.

Tank water kH drops were 10 and gH drops were 8.

so, does each drop represent a degree?  I plan on just having tetras, maybe dwarf neon rainbows, a couple Bristlenose Plecos, and would love some cherry shrimp, but still not 100% on that.

Please advise what my tap and tank waters are :esad:

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There should be a leaflet in the box that explains the scales.  Each drop is one degree, yes.

So based only on those two parameters, your tap water would be more suitable for the fish you plan to keep.  The tank water (assuming the properties are stable over time and the other water parameters are suitable) would be fine for Malawi cichlids.

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My other parameters are stable....no ammonia or nitrites.   Nitrates 10.  pH 7.5

yes there was a leaflet but I just didn’t get what each drop represented in terms of degrees.  As my tank kH was 10 drops from blue to yellow, I wasn’t sure if that meant I was at 10 deg and wanted confirmation.

So seeing as I want to only have a tropical Community, am I going to have to lower my gH in the tank?

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