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WTB: Male haps

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OK, so the process of changing from mixed Malawi to all-male Haps is progressing.  Most mbuna have gone, just keeping the electric yellows, and I have space now for new fish!!

Looking for MALE sub-adult (or young adult) haps.  I'm ONLY looking at Malawis, in particular the following, but MUST be males:

   Any Buccochromis

   Any Chilotilapia

   Protomelas Spilonotus "Mara Rocks"

   Placidochromis Electra

   Placidochromis Gisseli

   Any Hawk/ Trout or similar as long as he starts off small-ish


I specifically am NOT interested in any mbuna, any peacock/ aulonocara, or any of the following which already inhabit the tank

Dolphins, N. Venustus, O. Lithobates, N. Livingstonii, N. Fusco, Electric blue, red fin kadango, VC10, Red empress, Azureus,


Let me know what you've got, I may be interested in others not listed here also.


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