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Tropheus orange flame breeding colony

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tropheus bemba  orange flame breeding colony 

There is fry in tank to proove and there will be 1 or 2 females holding 

there would be 17 adults and who knows how many fry hiding but def 2 that are big enough to swim with colony now 

The adults would be just over 12 months old come from smiths were from f2 

My father has passed leaving me with his torana so im focusing on that now and dont want my fish to suffer because of it 

Always taken care of 50 percent water change every week only fed high quality spirulina flakes and tabs 

Will only be sold to person that knows tropheus 

Redcliffe pick up 

Will also have a g and j maher 5 foot near new and setup for sale once fish are gone 


Offers please 

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