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south american cichlid ????

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looking for some SA cichlids that wont eat small fish or plants or harm the substrate in any way. love geos obviously but they will mess up my "riverbed" LOL.

i know my choices are limited but cant remember the suitable fish? (firemouths, chocolates???) cant remember!

tank is 72x24x18 and is like a fast flowing stream with river pebbles and fine sand mixed with fine gravel.

tank inhabitants will be,

7-9 pictus cats

7 red line torpedo barbs

2 albino B/N

2 normal B/N

15 rummynose tetras

10 emperor tetras

30-40 cardinal tetras

5-7 columbian tetras

2-3 brazilian sole

that's it for now with fish.

plants are and will be, med-lge anubias on driftwood, java fern on driftwood and vallisnera sp.

1500lph canister and a 2800lph pump for circulation/stream :wink:

any advice or ideas welcolme.

adam :D

where's the cichlid kid or Devil?

LOL :wink:

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angels - nanacara - laetacara - festivum (15cm - may have a nip or two on the plants but won;t dig. Also may go for the cardinals) - .

Reckon the chochalates will destroy the plants - same with blue acara - and both will love the cardinals. Watch the pictus as when big they will eat small tetras - poor cardinals.

firemouths are central american and could add those and Salvini to the list - again may see the cardinals as food.

I haven't listed the more intense SA like discus, Microgeophagus and apistos - but you could consider the more robust apistos - aggies and cacatoides - like aggies at the moment. Check out the black red aggies on the net - yum.

Based on your discription the cardinals are a bit limiting and thinking of those guys and the size tank - I would go the Festivum (underrated fish) and take the risk - and visually good in vallis beds - maybe angels if flow is not too fast (and you can find some goodies)- too fast a flow and you get bent fins, and either a laetacara or nanacara anomala (great underrated fish).

Keyholes are a goodie and generally timid - though there is a post on ACE ATM about a couple of keyhole asasins taking out tetras in a tank - never thought that would happen.



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from my experience firemouths & blue acaras will readily eat smaller fish as will chocolates when they get bigger. some firemouths can be diggers too which can be annoying in a well planted tank.

i would recommend curviceps or dorsigers (good luck finding some dorsigers in lfs though!) both are dwarf, peaceful, prefer an acidy ph & don't dig except when mating.

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Mate as stated the dorsigerus and curviceps are the best choice or keyholes should be fine also the other over looked one is the bolivion ram.

As for the others mentioned blue acara firemouths, chocalates and salvinies will make a quick meal of your smaller fish.

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hmmmmm what about?...................... cant think...... lol a flowerhorn mating pair?

1. they would kill everything

2. they are hybrids and there for not "american cichlids" IMO

3. who wants hybrids ? when there is better looking naturally occuring species


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