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transporting a large tank

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im looking at buying a 2nd hand 8ft tank.

how would i go about relocating it from stapylton to bethania? 

i want to do is fairly risk free for a decent price... like the mover has non slip mating and some experience with fish tanks but doesn't cost too much. so not a bare ute tray.


also what are thoughts on renting a van from bunnings?

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If you aren't confident with moving the tank then use a furniture removalist. They have all the equipment.

An 8 x 2 x 2 foot tank in 10mm glass weighs 145Kg so fairly light for the size. 

Get a few people. Plan the lift including emergency stops. A few strategicly placed plastic milk crates could be handy. Or fish box lids. Make sure no one gets their fingers caught when lowering.

A flat platform trolley is good for manouvering tight doorways and corners if floor permits.

Remove all lids as they can shatter going over speed bumps.Transport them taped up resting on edge, not flat.

I prefer a trailer without cage as it's a lower lift and easy access most sides.

Low pile unwanted carpet is good for sliding and padding of aquariums. - Visit any carpet store with an industrial waste bin. Bring a stanley knife.

You can also use pine wood studs but the carpet is good for sliding over the egdes of ute/trailer.

Use a ratchet strap tie if your not good with rope & knots. The tank will slide forwards so pad that side.

If using a ratchet strap, secure the loose end. I know somone on QLDAF catch theirs on the trailer wheel which tightened the strap until the tank shattered.


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