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Hello from Southside Brisbane

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Hi All, 

I've been lurking around various forums in years gone by and have been on an off the aquarium hobby. Had the benefit of living in Cooktown for a year and visited every creek and pond I could find minus ones with previous croc sightings. Did manage to see some wallaby creek splendidas and gap creek trifaciatas in the wild and some other variants that aren't in the aquarium trade.

Because of covid ( just an excuse ) I've started some tanks up. Not super interested in exotics but don't mind them. I mainly like natives like rhadinocentrus ornatus.


I am actually joining because I'd like to track down a local Brisbane-region supplier for pseudomugil gertrudae and iriatherina werneri. I know Dave at Aquagreen sells them and did get some blue eyes from him at one point. Mappins in West end also sold werneri's but not any more. Anyone know of any Brisbane based suppliers? 

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