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Had this for sale not long ago, sorry to those who didnt get a pm reply as i deleted by accident most my pms.

TANK: 2ftcube, drilled for sump, black back.

STAND: basic timber stand open bottom.

have a single outlet airpump will chuck in too.

SWAP FOR SMALLER TANK...no bigger than2.5ff by 18wide, 15high. good condition.

or $70 for tank stand airpump.


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Still up guys had a bit of intrest but just found the tank i was going to swap for so now

its no swap $70 cash on the tank and stand.

the chest that the tank is on is not the stand...the stand is a basic raw pine stand open bottom. will sell tank/stand sep but gota be $50 for the tank.

thanks guys.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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