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More new fish and corals OMFG

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Hey mate
Its always hard when you see something and your not ready to pull the trigger ( we have been in the situation before) hence why we have a quarantine tank always on the go lol 
we are setting up an empty office space soon for our RO storage, our 2 x 240ltr saltwater cartage containers and our 4 Quarantine tanks :)
we are really happy with how this tank is coming along 

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On 23/10/2020 at 10:28 PM, FatSalvatore said:

I gave up as spent all my weekends going to fish shops (peeved I didn't get the blue hammer at pet city when I saw it but tank was still cycling).

Makes me jealous/awed when I see people that know what they are doing!

Needs a pair of redline shrimp though :)

we have too many Wrasses believe me i would pull the trigger on some shrimps hahaha
I hassle Sarah all the times about shrimps lol

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