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Gone* Fishes for sale -bumblebee goby, loaches, bristlenose

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Shutting down a tank.

So couple of fishes for free- selling due to not having the time, im worried about their health due to me not being able to care for them properly-so free, please no judgement- i want them cared for thats why they are now free.

I have three bumblebee gobies needing new home 


I have an entire colony of bristlenose (getting ready to breed)

I count 5 without pulling them all out and stressing them. 

2 are around 9-10cm

The rest range from 4cm to 8cm


I have 2 healthy yoyo loaches both big fellas at around 6/7cm .


I have 2 black Kuhli loaches at around 7cms.


I have plants, wood and heaps of tank spare parts. Which will go when all the fish have found their forever homes.


Best if you could text with any Qs to my mobile -0434 934 415

Pick up Springfield lakes




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